29 Jan 2017

New homes for sale in west Abbotsford


west abbotsford homes


Homes for Sale in the Clearbrook, Abbotsford Neighborhood Fraser Valley, BC


Why Do People Prefer to Live In this Neighbourhood?

Clearbrook is a decent neighborhood in the town of west Abbotsford found 65 km from Vancouver BC. This is in the west part of the Abbotsford city. This is a blend of Single family homes, Apartments, Townhouses and one of the most established neighborhood. Everything is near to Strip shopping centers, Schools, Huge Sevenoaks shopping center, superstore, Canadian tire. The greatest favorable position is its near No 1 hwy individuals working away incline toward this side because of simple access from the city.

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Are you looking to buy a home in west Abbotsford BC, Canada? Clearbrook neighborhood in Abbotsford BC is one of the finest places. Click on the link to get in-depth information about Abbotsford.


What’s the Neighborhood Like?

Being the old established neighborhood every one of the civilities are close by, from seniority mind homes to multiplex film for excitement and 3 Ice arenas with swimming pool for games devotees, strolling in Highstreet Mall gives you a feel of a metropolitan city and Mill lake stop gives you the vibe of country style living. Best western in addition to regime hotel and meeting focus is close to the freeway to draw in individuals driving by the city stop for lunch or remain overnight. Being near Vancouver and affordable housing individuals like to live here while driving to work from here regularly.

Abbotsford city is very much associated with Vancouver with No 1 Hwy, Transit, and Railway. The closest railroad is 20 mins drive to the city of Mission from here. Each morning many workers go to downtown Vancouver in Westcoast railroads express.

Sherwood crescent guest house is on a peaceful road to accommodate private care with complex health care needs. One of the biggest hospitals in Fraser valley is in Clearbrook neighborhood.

In the event that you need to go espresso, there are a few cafés including Starbucks and Tim Hortons on south Fraser way. Tabor home society and bakerview Mennonite church is around Clearbrook road. Govt workplaces like ICBC driving authorizing and Service Canada focus is likewise close-by. For excitement, there is Galaxy bowl, in the event that you are attached to knocking down some pins this range is brimming with parks, Mill lake to stroll around. There are bars like Highwayman, Moxie pub, and restaurant alongside Sandman inn.

What are the options for Schools?

There are close to 14-15 schools in Clearbrook neighborhood in west Abbotsford should you choose to buy a home in west Abbotsford. Few of them are:

W.J Mouat Secondary, Clearbrook Elementary, John Maclure Elementary school. Complete list of schools click on the link and check out my website or call 604-300-1788

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20 Dec 2016


rancher house for sale in abbotsford bc

Rancher homes are one of the oldest architecture style homes originated in the United States. This style is still popular in several parts of Canada and USA as because of cost effective construction. Rancher homes are usually recommended to build on a big piece of land because they are wider and less deep. The single story rancher house can cost less than 2 or three story house. For a single story rancher, it cost less on foundation and preparation of lot. People like single story rancher as they can take the full enjoyment of their lawn being on the level to the ground.

Rancher house for sale in abbotsford

There are also ranchers called raised ranchers and these types are two stories with full basement into the ground. Looking at these raised ranchers from the front doesn’t give you an impression of a two story house as the one whole level is into the ground and only windows for the basement can be seen. When stepping into a raised rancher to go upstairs you have to climb few stairs and to go down one has to step few stairs down.

rancher house for sale in west abbotsford

Ranchers are common in farm area as there is a big piece of land available to build. In city because of the setbacks and smaller lot size most of the people prefer two or three story homes.

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16 Dec 2016


A garage is very important part of the house. A buyer looking to buy a house in a particular neighborhood looks for the schools and parks. The school is important because the buyer might only have one car and he/she might want to drop off the kid to school walking. Park is important so that the kids can play after school or in free time. There are other important things the buyer might be considering as the type of locality and economic health of the city such as employment, Shopping malls etc. They might look at the size and amenities in the house to accommodate them and their family. They want to make sure that the piece of real estate they are buying absolutely fit their needs and criteria.
However, They definitely will look at the property whether or not, it has a garage. The garage is an important part of the house. They might look at the size of the garage to accommodate the number of vehicles they have. The garage is not only to park vehicles but there are several other benefits of having a garage.
I will write five benefits having a garage.
house for sale by abbotsford realtor
As small home businesses are the backbone of Canadian economy most of the people want to have a home office from where they can operate a home base business. So garage having a garage is the best option. If they want to do a woodworking, Accounting, Trade business so instead of renting a workshop or office they can use their garage as workshop or office.
Some people doesn’t feel safe to park their vehicles out in the open. They are afraid of stealing or scratching their vehicles by people passing by on the street. The garage gives them a piece of mind and sense of security. It makes total sense as they might have an antique or expensive car.
Having a garage adds a big convenience to your life. It might be unloading grocery or other stuff from the car instead of walking from outside into the house in hot and cold weather. In winter months when there is minus temperature outside there may be chances of freezing if you have to park your car outside. You may also need a block heater so that its an easy start in the morning.
Some people like to do their oil change or other small maintenance of their vehicle themselves. They might have heard bad news about this drive through oil change shops so, They want to change oil themselves. The garage also is very convenient to clean and vacuum the car from inside out.
This is the biggest reason from all of the above by having a garage. Storage as it sounds, there is a huge shortage of storage space in the house these days as the size of houses are shrinking due to high building costs. There are few closets in the house to fit everything inside the closets hence garage can be used as storage. A lot of people work in Farms or Trade, They might come home in a dirty outfit so they can use the garage to remove their dirty clothing in the garage before entering the house. The garage is also a big factor adding value to your house.