16 Jan 2017

The Impressive Qualities Of Mission Homes

Mission new homes for sale

Mission Homes are known for wonderful architectural designs and state-of-the-art facilities. Here are some of the great reasons you should own one of the Mission Homes for sale.

Exterior features of Mission Homes

They are built with stone and brick exterior and this gives a magnificent look from a distance. The front door is made of either brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze hinges and knobs. The front yard is fully landscaped with a sprinkler system for ease of gardening. They also offer either exposed aggregate or cedar deck patio for each of the plans.

Some of the interior features

According to the plan on ground, each apartment will have a ceiling as high as about 10 feet and each room will be very spacious. The floor plan says it all. For convenient laundry, there is a provision for a laundry room with cabinetry and utility sink.

Each apartment will have upstairs theater rooms with vaulted dropped or coved ceiling. There will also be a couple of white panel doors. The stairs are made of stained oak rail and ball top. To keep the apartment warm, occupants can make use of the gas fireplace billed to be installed. It will be made of either stone surround or tiles.

A white pedestal sink, oiled bronze fixtures, and hardwood floor will be provided in the powder room of every apartment. To promote energy efficiency, a forced air gas furnace will be provided for future A/C. In addition to that, there will be a natural gas hot water heater. The plumbing for central vacuum will be provided.

The kitchen will be constructed with either slab or granite countertops and tile backsplash. Necessary kitchen appliances like cooktop oven, garbage disposal, dishwasher and microwave will be provided. There will also be either a single bowl or a double bowl sink with a swivel head. Since brushed nickel and oiled bronze fixtures are the standards, the kitchen will also have either oiled bronze or brushed nickel plumbing fixtures.

Each master bedroom is billed to have tile shower with a glass shower enclosure, tub surround, tile floors and tile countertops. It also offers a white soaking tub and as a standard, the plumbing fixtures are made of either brushed nickel or oiled bronze. According to the contemporary standard, the master bedroom also has a large closet with shelves and rods.

There are facilities in every Mission Home to maximize efficiency and also minimize environmental impact and cost. One of them is the low flush toilet that comes with low water faucets. It enhances water efficiency. To guarantee great air quality all the time, the interior has been painted with organic paints that have little or no chemical additives.

The features are based on the standard construction of Mission Homes. It can only get better as housing technologies keep improving. So, what are you waiting for? Why not make a move to purchase your dream home now?

06 Jan 2017

5 Reasons Why Mission is Just the Right Place to live for Bachelors

Mission homes for sale


A Bachelor’s lifestyle and priorities are a tad bit different than that of married people with no family and heavy responsibilities weighing on their shoulders. Ultimately, a time does come when the bachelors will have to ride in the same boat as well. But while they are not, they can enjoy their life to the maximum. House hunting for bachelors might be a bit more difficult compared to that done by regular people. Bachelors who are working full time, trying to take make it big yet also wanting their social life to be active and keeping their physical activities in check need a place to live where all this can be carried out. Likewise, we believe that Mission, British Columbia is just the right place for them. Here’s why:


  • A Welcome Abode:


Good news for all the bachelors looking for a house. Real estate in Mission is booming and is worth giving it a look. Not only can they find condos for sale in Mission as well as apartments for sale in Mission, they’ll also find the rates to be exceptionally manageable if they are at a promising stage of their career.


  • Recreational Parks:


It will truly be a mistake for a bachelor to let go of any of the Mission homes for sale because this city is packed with beautiful parks containing gorgeous views and offers a number of activities for people to enjoy. With so many parks, bachelors can partake in a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, motorcycling and exploring.


  • Eateries:


While there is no age limit to enjoying eating as much as we like, the restaurants here have some delectable cuisines which, when eaten while surrounded by friends, ensure a great time for all. Also, not all bachelors are good at cooking. Luckily for them, Mission does not lack in any way when it comes to the food offerings. There are an abundance of wineries in Mission as well as bars, pubs and restaurants that prepare meals using farm-fresh vegetables and fruits from the agricultural center of Abbotsford. Also, Mission has many of their own traditional culinary recipes that make dining here a great experience.


  • Shopping Strips and Festivities:


Shopaholics will have a grand time living in Mission because there are an endless number of antique shops, boutiques, bookshops, jewelry shops and handcrafts shops to entertain the residents each and every day. All these shopping facilities make going to every event dressed up and decorating homes much more fun. Then, there are year-round festivals celebrated in Mission as well which include Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, Candlelight Parade and Mission Folk Music Festival, to name a few.


  • Heritage Sights:


Mission shares the 19th century charm and elegance with its residents through the missionaries’ buildings, masteries, towers and neo-gothic churches present here.


Pretty sure that every bachelor has been convinced by now that a bachelor life is more than just drinking and dancing every night. For this, Mission is just the perfect place to live an idyllic bachelor life free of stereotypical judgments.