26 Jan 2017

New homes for sale in  Abbotsford Real Estate market And Real Estate Agents In Abbotsford, B.C.


new homes abbotsford


New homes Abbotsford:-

Real estate agents abound in Abbotsford for the sale of new homes as more and more visitors elect to buy in this beautiful region. If you have to sell for some reason, competent real estate agents know how to list your home in Abbotsford to bring it to the attention of eager buyers and show it off to its best advantage.


The sale of new homes by licensed real estate agents in Abbotsford has reached a fever pitch as more and more Canadians and often transplanted citizens from south of the border discover and claim “Abby” for their own home base. While Caucasians make up most of the population, Abby has become a welcome home to many different nationalities, giving an ethnic variety not only in the peoples of Abbotsford but to the cuisine one may find in Abbotsford’s many restaurants.


With its population of just under 200,000 residents, Abbotsford is big enough to encompass all the needs of today’s residents while still retaining much of the flavor and friendly atmosphere of a small town. A recent newspaper article points out that the current real estate market “Abby” is smoking hot with more and more potential buyers discovering this jewel tucked in close to the US border. This city called by Statistics Canada, the more generous Canadian city over the past decade.


The Abbotsford International Airport is now open with the latest easiest check-ins ever to fly you to destinations such as non-stop flights to Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto.


The mild temperatures in Abbotsford are considered quite mild throughout most of the year. Even the traditionally coldest months such as February boast temperatures something like highs of 48 (9C) during the day and nights hovering around 34 (1C) Getting a little chilly anyway? Fly to Puerto Vallarta Mexico or if you get an itch to savor the sights and (slot-machine) sounds of Las Vegas, they can get you there quickly and easily. Connecting flights may be had to just about any destination you might choose, be it New York, Sacramento, Boston, Chicago or Miami and almost any other Canadian or US city.


But that’s not all. Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic along with a host of other delightful cities and islands are within easy reach from the Abbotsford International Airport, a truly international point of departure.


So if you’re considering a move at this time, come visit Abbotsford and look at few new homes Abbotsford. Talk to some of your helpful and experienced Abbotsford real estate agents. They can discuss your needs that can lead you to the purchase of your new home in the Abbotsford real estate market. Be it a new home, or a well-maintained home that is waiting for a loving family to step in, your Abbotsford real estate agent will be more than eager to help you find just the right property to suit your needs, your desires and your pocketbook.




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10 Jan 2017

Abbotsford New Homes For Sale


There are many lovely Abbotsford homes for sale, so anyone moving to Abbotsford because of getting transferred for a new job position should be able to find a style of home that they like within their price point.


Abbotsford is situated within the region of the Fraser Valley of the province of British Columbia in the nation of Canada. This city is not far from Greater Vancouver. In fact, the city of Abbotsford lies adjacent to it.


The population is estimated to be 133, 487. This city is the largest one in the Fraser Valley area and is the fifth largest one of the entire province of British Columbia. Because it is such a large size, it only stands to reason that there would be a lot of lovely homes in this city, which is great for the choices among what Abbotsford real estate has to offer to potential buyers.


For those who are considering Abbotsford homes, but who have family members who live in the United States, it is very convenient that Abbotsford borders Sumas, Washington. This indeed makes it easy to travel across the border to see family members.


It is so exquisite to live in this desirable city with the picturesque mountain views. And the homes are quite reasonably priced in the mid three hundred thousands to mid four hundred thousands when homes in Vancouver of the same type seem to go for up to as much as over a million dollars.


For those families with college age children, the city is home to the University of Fraser Valley as a good option if the children do not want to be far from home to pursue their studies.


There are many things to do in this interesting and lively, bustling city. Castle Fun Park is a great place for the whole family. Even moms and dads will have fun participating in playing mini golf, driving the go carts and spending some time in the batting cages, etc. The prices are affordable and there are many activities suited to all ages. The Abbotsford International Airport is proud to be able to present the fantastic, interesting Abbotsford International Airshow each year.


Downtown Abbotsford, of course, is the business district. And it also offers lots of interesting shops and cafés to explore. You can find both traditional cuisine and various types of ethnic cuisines. Enjoy one of the bakeries with the scent of fresh bread baking. Get some delicious, fresh bakery bread to eat in your new home.


There are many schools to choose from to send your children to, so you don’t have to wonder if there is good school accessibility. There are many extracurricular programs for the students to participate in, such as sports, art and more.