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Mission BC is the home of farms of varying sizes and operation facilities.  Due to the diverse operation facilities in these farms, planting, pruning, harvesting and other farm operation are done in many different ways.  The popular methods of blueberry harvesting in Mission BC are by shaking-and-catching, hand picking, machine picking, and catching. Therefore, to Buy Blueberry income producing farms in Mission BC is worth it, as there will be enough harvesting means for harvesting and market for the harvested blueberry produce.

Blueberry Harvesting Methods

There various methods of blueberry harvesting, here below are the common methods used in mission BC for blueberry harvesting.

blueberry farms abbotsford and mission

1.    Hand Picking Method

The hand picking blueberry harvesting method is regular harvesting method used in family owned farms and sometimes in large commercial farms. It involves careful selection of matured and the ripe blueberry bunch from the many berry bunches on the tree. To begin, curve your hand in a cup shape under the berry bunch to harvest, gently roll off the stuck from the tree in a way that the berry bunch will fall into your cupped hand. use the thumb of your hand to add pressure on the stalk of the berry bunch that you are gently rolling off to make detaching very easy. Once the blueberry bunch detaches, it will drop into your hand, then place the berry bunch gently into your harvesting pan or bucket. Ripe blueberry bunches come off or detach from the tree without stress. Therefore, once you attempt rolling, the berry bunches easily come off.  Instead of using your hand alone, you can use handing picking tool like blueberry rake for increased harvesting speed. About 40%-50% of commercially grown blueberries are harvested with hand picking method in mission BC.

blueberry farms abbotsford and mission

2.    Machine Picking Method

The machine picking blueberry harvesting method involves the use of mechanical or electric driven tools for ripe Blueberry collections such as the mechanical vibrator used with the catch frames rollers for shake-and-catch and other self-propelled machines. Machine harvested blueberries have shorter shelve life; this is why it is the least used harvesting method of harvesting in Mission BC. Only large Blueberry farms with enough space for the motorized or machine harvesting device to move about and turn, are farms where machine picking can be used as harvesting method.

blueberry farms abbotsford and mission

3.    Shaking-And-Catching Method

Shaking-and-catching method involves the use of blueberry catch frame placed under the blueberry tree to catch falling berries when the branches of the berry tree are being shaken. The catch frame is a roller frame that harvesters can roll about to the location of it needed for use each time. Most berry traders who buy Blueberry income producing farms in Mission BC adopt this method of blueberry harvesting in their farms. To shake the blueberry branches, the stems or branch of the blueberry that the catch frame is placed under is gently tapped, ripe blueberries drop willingly as the tree shakes when tapped. Tapping can be done with a hand-held rubber hose. Some large farm harvesters use mechanical vibrators that are air driven or electric driven to gently shake the blueberry tree instead of the hose. A gentle shake per time is required to avoid too many blueberries falling off per time for easy catch-frame berry catch and to avoid possible blueberry losses.

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02 Feb 2017

Agricultural real estate group


agriculture real estate group


This blueberry farm located in Abbotsford BC is truly the best of its kind in the entire region. This is because the attention to detail and management right from its primary days is second to none. The land qualities (texture, structure formation, and mixture), good water facility and finally its excellent location is the key to fast and easy marketing, which is truly a value of eternity.

The farm future significance and the adequate maintenance sacrificed are truthfully outstanding. Our esteemed firm has made it a priority to sell out good agricultural produce over the years. We spare no effort to be the most informed, active and trusted agricultural real estate group in the country.

The water right in the city and the soil mineral advantage is incredible. The overall value of the water is a vital entity to the success of the farm, and long-term popularity for the area where the farm is situated. As the day goes by, the possibility that the farm would be a great success to the buyer is 100%. As blueberries are considered the second most important cultivated fruit after strawberries, it is apparent that at the end of each harvest years, you make your cash.

According to statistics from Global Berry Congress 2015 in the US, over 6 million dollars of soft fruit are sold accounting for 19% of total supermarket revenue, more than bananas (a botanical berry) at 11%, and apples (14%); with continued rapid growth in the market expected.

With thousands of acres of land sold out to our prospective buyers, we have made a good stand for ourselves in the world of agriculture. We have proven over and over again we are one-in-a- million team, as our service is totally reliable and profitable not only to our current clients but also to our prospective purchasers.

Given the wide variety of benefits, blueberry is an engine room for a successful life. Apart from the nutritional and medical benefits blueberry provide for consumers, it can also serve as a means of income for those who has a big dream.  Our team has a lot of blueberry farms for sale in Abbotsford BC and is the best agriculture real estate group. You can just have the full trust in us as our firm has not only built its name in the central valley of the entire Abbotsford but also across the world.

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25 Jan 2017




Abbotsford know is ” City in the Country” is so genuine in light of the fact that Abbotsford is honored with rich prolific soil. There are thousand of sections of land Blueberry ranches encompassing Abbotsford. Strawberry and Raspberry is likewise enormous trade edit out this some portion of BC. The climate year around is appropriate for all sort of products. The climate drift around 7°C to 29ºC. This a portion of Canada is the most wonderful place to live.


How is Blueberry cultivated?

Blueberry was a wild fruit but in this century scientist has developed a modern way of cultivating Blueberries. Blueberry is not suitable for all kind of soils. it’s very picky about the type of soil. It needs acidic soil with high PH level with a good drain yet wet soil. Abbotsford farms are rich in regards to the soil needed to grow blueberries. It is planted in early spring with a year or older plants with digging soil about 20 inches deep. Bark mulch is spread around them to keep the roots moist. Are you looking to buy a Blueberry farm in Abbotsford area Click on the link to get the listings of Farms in Abbotsford Fraser valley area?



Looking for a farm in Abbotsford?

Interested in finding a farm in Abbotsford BC, Click that link to find all the currently available Farms in this area of Abbotsford.

What’s kind of farms are available in Abbotsford?

The farms in Abbotsford comes in 5 acres to 100 of acres farms. We specialize in Blueberry, Strawberry and all kind of farms. We will arrange a tour of the farm help you to get the soil testing done if needed and walk through the whole process from presenting your offer to closing the deal.


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