21 Feb 2017

Agriculture business in Abbotsford & Income producing farms mission BC.

Agriculture business in abbotsford & Income producing farms mission bc

Advanced policies and flourishing agricultural business give way to a successful agricultural business in Abbotsford. Abbotsford is situated in the heart of B. C. and it’s one of the prominent agricultural hubs. It came out as the centre for fast-growing agriculture business with several farms producing a wide range of farm produce.
Abbotsford possesses the most productive and beneficial agricultural business in Canada. There are lots of farms produce in Abbotsford ranging from vegetables, mushrooms, dairy, eggs, pork, berries and flower to poultry. The diversified agricultural business in Abbotsford keeps developing day-by-day, this is not just as a result of the exceptional water resources, productive soil, and the favourable weather condition but the fervent local support that’s been given to the industry for it to develop and change.
Opportunities for Agriculture business in Abbotsford.
There are numerous opportunities for farmers involved in agriculture business in Abbotsford, the focused and purpose driven local support has taken care of the highly entrepreneurial agricultural sector for farmers. This sector is ready for innovation and development of agriculture business, there are likewise many academicians, people in other professions and other companies who wants to be involved in agriculture business in Abbotsford, they are working very hard to develop agriculture.
The life force of any effective organization is the right people who have the right skills, there are dynamic, well- educated workforce in Abbotsford agriculture business that gives a pool of talent to assist in generating income for the agricultural sector and thereby cause an increase in agriculture business.
Many organizations are attracted by the inexpensive cost of living and outstanding quality of life, because of this many organizations thrive and every effort invested in agriculture business become fruitful.
Agriculture business has become an income producing farm business in Mission B. C. this is because many resources are being pulled together to encourage productive farming in Mission B. C.
There are lots of agricultural farm products that are being cultivated and the revenue generated from these products are adequately invested in the growth and development of farms in Mission B. C. This was made possible because of the way by which all farm products are been preserved and properly handled. There are many farm produce that has over time been the income-producing products, they are strawberry, blueberry, dairy, and much more. They are cultivated, stored, and sold for consumption which in turn yield income for the agriculture sector in Mission B. C.

As a result of the productive effort in the proper management of agricultural products in Mission B. C., an increasing number of organizations are launching startups and established organizations are moving to Abbotsford. Fortunately, there are many companies that have a close knowledge of people and businesses that make business agriculture in Mission B. C very strong, they can help your business flourish.
It is absolutely certain that many companies will be successful every step of the way this is because Abbotsford is the right place many agriculture business organizations that are looking forward to becoming great.


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06 Feb 2017




Mission BC is the home of farms of varying sizes and operation facilities.  Due to the diverse operation facilities in these farms, planting, pruning, harvesting and other farm operation are done in many different ways.  The popular methods of blueberry harvesting in Mission BC are by shaking-and-catching, hand picking, machine picking, and catching. Therefore, to Buy Blueberry income producing farms in Mission BC is worth it, as there will be enough harvesting means for harvesting and market for the harvested blueberry produce.

Blueberry Harvesting Methods

There various methods of blueberry harvesting, here below are the common methods used in mission BC for blueberry harvesting.

blueberry farms abbotsford and mission

1.    Hand Picking Method

The hand picking blueberry harvesting method is regular harvesting method used in family owned farms and sometimes in large commercial farms. It involves careful selection of matured and the ripe blueberry bunch from the many berry bunches on the tree. To begin, curve your hand in a cup shape under the berry bunch to harvest, gently roll off the stuck from the tree in a way that the berry bunch will fall into your cupped hand. use the thumb of your hand to add pressure on the stalk of the berry bunch that you are gently rolling off to make detaching very easy. Once the blueberry bunch detaches, it will drop into your hand, then place the berry bunch gently into your harvesting pan or bucket. Ripe blueberry bunches come off or detach from the tree without stress. Therefore, once you attempt rolling, the berry bunches easily come off.  Instead of using your hand alone, you can use handing picking tool like blueberry rake for increased harvesting speed. About 40%-50% of commercially grown blueberries are harvested with hand picking method in mission BC.

blueberry farms abbotsford and mission

2.    Machine Picking Method

The machine picking blueberry harvesting method involves the use of mechanical or electric driven tools for ripe Blueberry collections such as the mechanical vibrator used with the catch frames rollers for shake-and-catch and other self-propelled machines. Machine harvested blueberries have shorter shelve life; this is why it is the least used harvesting method of harvesting in Mission BC. Only large Blueberry farms with enough space for the motorized or machine harvesting device to move about and turn, are farms where machine picking can be used as harvesting method.

blueberry farms abbotsford and mission

3.    Shaking-And-Catching Method

Shaking-and-catching method involves the use of blueberry catch frame placed under the blueberry tree to catch falling berries when the branches of the berry tree are being shaken. The catch frame is a roller frame that harvesters can roll about to the location of it needed for use each time. Most berry traders who buy Blueberry income producing farms in Mission BC adopt this method of blueberry harvesting in their farms. To shake the blueberry branches, the stems or branch of the blueberry that the catch frame is placed under is gently tapped, ripe blueberries drop willingly as the tree shakes when tapped. Tapping can be done with a hand-held rubber hose. Some large farm harvesters use mechanical vibrators that are air driven or electric driven to gently shake the blueberry tree instead of the hose. A gentle shake per time is required to avoid too many blueberries falling off per time for easy catch-frame berry catch and to avoid possible blueberry losses.

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28 Jan 2017

Starting a blueberry farm

Abbotsford blueberry farm


Do you know blueberries are considered the second most important berry after strawberry? Are you thinking of starting your own blueberry farm? Starting a blueberry farm is a long-term investment that must be made very carefully. You don’t need to worry, we are here to help you start a blueberry farm. You must be well-informed about growing blueberries. Knowing different varieties of blueberries that grow best in your area is vital.

Let’s take a look at the steps involved in starting your own blueberry farm.

Things to Consider When Starting a Blueberry Farm

The foremost tip for starting a blueberry farm is to plant the berry as soon as possible. Blueberries need space for air circulation so they can grow. You must be very attentive when selecting the varieties of blueberry. The reason behind is that every berry may not be able to grow well in your region.

Soil, Water, and Space

The perfect soil for growing blueberry must be free of weeds. Blueberries need acidic soil as they will die in neutral or alkaline soil. For soil be to acidic you can add agricultural sulphur. Moreover, the best location for growing blueberries is an area where the irrigation is readily available. You can achieve the best result by keeping the roots moist. It is best to start with fewer plants of blueberry in the beginning. Then shifting towards after you have learned all the methods and techniques for maintaining a blueberry farm.

Machinery Required

There is a list of equipment that is required. It is as follows:

  • Sprayers
  • Wagons
  • Hedgers
  • Tractors
  • Rotary mowers
  • Harrows
  • Trucks
  • Rotary tiller
  • Mulchers

Selection of Plants

You must try to grow the blueberry plant from the seeds. The older plants of blueberry are best for planting in a farm as they will produce fruit in a year. You must go for different varieties so you can gain profit from them. It is best to plant two varieties of blueberry to get fruit. This is because the blueberry requires cross pollination.

Economics of Blueberry Farming

Whenever you start a business, the startup cost is high. It is the same case with a farm, blueberry farms need high startup cost. This is because you must prepare the land before planting the berries. You need to purchase the plants of blueberries as the seeds will take plenty of years to offer fruit. Labor will also be required to plant and maintain the blueberries. So starting a blueberry farm requires a lot of cash.


The last step is harvesting, it can be done using 3 techniques.

  • U-pick
  • Farm hand picking
  • Machine picking

As far as the new farm is concerned, the best way to harvest blueberry is by the techniques of u-picking or farm hand picking. Machine picking is ideal for a larger area such as 10 acres of blueberries.

Therefore, some of the best blueberry farms in Mission, BC are as follows:

  • R.J.T Blueberry Park Inc.
  • M&M Pacific Coast Farms
  • Klaassen Farms
  • McDonalds Blueberries

Overall, blueberry farming is easy and profitable that requires patience. Do you want to share your blueberry planting experience?

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