30 Jan 2017

Top Qualities Of A Competent Real Estate Agent



Top Qualities Of A Competent Real Estate Agent



Buying a property at times becomes very difficult if you are new to the place. Being careful about various aspects before buying a property proves sensible as it involves a huge sum of money. Proper design is not the primary concern, but one should consider various aspects and other important terms before making the deal. But now the question is how to get hold of a desirable property. If you are new to the city, a local real agent is a good choice  to get hold of desirable property.

In this competitive market, real estate agents work as an effective choice to find a property at a reasonable price. But every agent must have a few qualities to deliver the best result to their clients. In this article, We will find out some of the qualities that make a “Good Real Estate Agent“.



Undoubtedly, personality is what attracts everyone. When it comes to real estate agents, good personality is a necessary trait. As they need to communicate with many people, so good and attractive personality is a  must. Professionals with such positive qualities can deal with any problem very easily.



A licensed agent will help to get a desirable property as they haves access to the local MLS board. A licensed agent is member of local real estate board. They are the first one to know about new listing on the market. You can find about the review or testimonials about a particular real estate agent on the internet before hiring them.

for example (if you want to find about “pervinder khangura” a local real estate agent in Fraser Valley area. You can open Google and type pervinder khangura in the search and find his reviews and testimonials)


Tech Savvy:

This is another most important quality of an agent. with time, many technologies have come up. Knowing about the latest technologies is a trait that every real estate should have. By using technologies, they can keep them selves updated about the latest property updates.


Knowledge about the market:

A knowledgeable real estate agent is of great help to somebody who is looking for a great property. They must have extensive knowledge about the local market and latest listings. This helps a great deal during negotiation. Proper knowledge about the local real estate market is another trait of a good agent.



Reliability is something that truly defines experienced and competent real estate agents. They must do if they promise to do something like booking showings, be on time etc. Also they must have the courage to disclose the real facts about the property.


“Buying a property involves a huge sum of money and one of the major investment a person in his/her life time. So, it’s very important to hire reliable property agent to ensure that a property transaction can be accomplished without any hassles. A real estate agent must be professional is every aspect as they have fiduciary duties towards their client. They are also a crucial link between buyer and seller and act as a mediators between them to negotiate the best deal for their client. A good real estate agent is the one look for their clients best interest rather than their sale commission.



A good relationship with clients is often laid on the foundation of reverence, understanding, compatibility and faith. Professional real estate agent should always make efforts to keep up the good relationship and to ensure that their clients are satisfied with their service even after the property deal is over. All those, who are able to find such quality in their chose real estate agent, can expect the deal to conclude smoothly without any stress.



A proficient real estate agent should have detailed knowledge on different matters that are associated with buying and selling properties and the whole local real estate market scenario.They should be mindful of the latest trends in the property value of local market. An erudite agent should be aware of different types of properties, which includes individual homes, lots, apartments, condos and townhomes.



A professional real estate agent should be able to evaluate his clients financials and give him right suggestion about their affordability rather than forcing them into something their clients are unable to afford in future.


Customary property laws:

An experienced real estate agent would be able to offer guidance on all matters that pertain to local property laws, rules and regulations related to purchasing and selling of properties. They should be able to help their clients in handling any problems, If ever arise, while attempting to take care of documents and other obligatory official procedures that come with buying a property.

In general, when hiring a real estate agent it would be necessary to find out the exact services offered by the agent before signing any contract.

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05 Jan 2017

Why Abbotsford is the Most Idyllic Place

to Move in British Columbia


Abbotsford real estate by pervinder khangura


Retirees, new couples and people who are generally looking for a major change in their life tend to move to a different place, and the decision to choose one is never a matter of emotions and feelings; rather, they solely depend upon the fulfillment of basic needs. The panoramic views, peaceful environment and beauty of the place are just some of the additional benefits, which is why Abbotsford seems like one of the most idyllic places to move to. Here’s why:

  • Abundance of Properties:

One of the most difficult hurdles faced when moving to a new place is finding a suitable house. Most people forget this important detail and have to do with dreary houses till they find a better one. In Abbotsford though, one will always find a lot of listings of Abbotsford apartments for sale and Abbotsford townhouses at reasonable rates. Fortunately, for the movers, real estate in Abbotsford is all but thriving, and finding a beautiful house on their own demands and a preferable location is neither a problem nor a time-consuming task.

  • Job Opportunities:

One of the most important factors to consider moving to a new place is the availability of job opportunities there, something which Abbotsford seems to have lucked out in as well. Since Abbotsford is one of the largest cities is Fraser Valley district and is home to a large and thriving agricultural sector. On top of the job opportunities which are limitless, there is also a chance of self-employment here. People that are suppliers, manufacturers, traders, retailers, or stockers will hugely benefit from the agricultural economy of the city. Even retirees can find interesting things to do as they enjoy their humble abode by the beautiful lakes in Abbotsford.

  • Friendly Neighborhood and communal family:

By living in a place like Abbotsford, one can never feel alone. The neighborhood is mostly occupied by native families and old people who are warm and welcoming to everyone. Then, there are all the communal activities and events that make everyone feel like a part of one big family.

  • A Family place:

Real estate in Abbotsford is also booming because the city constrains everything a family might need to live their life in peace and harmony. There are 46 public schools with high standards of education, family restaurants, community centers, art councils and even parks and vacation tripping spots to make living there a great family experience. Children who grow up in a place like Abbotsford learn to be confident, friendly, helping and respectful, not to mention hardworking with all that tedious farm work.

  • Cost of Living:

Cost of living in Abbotsford is affordable and a lot more manageable than most other parts of the world. Healthy eating supplies are in abundance yet low in rates, with real estate in Abbotsford comparatively cheap as well.

  • Recreational Activities:

Summers and vacations are never boring in Abbotsford with so much to do. The city, with its unique landscapes, offers a wide range of sports activities and recreational opportunities like hiking, horse riding, trailing, wine shopping and barn days.

Now that we know all the great things about moving to Abbotsford, don’t waste another second and start looking into the Abbotsford real estate market for your idyllic home.