28 Jan 2017



Abbotsford booming city

Abbotsford is a booming city

Abbotsford is also known as “city in the country” as the name imply living and raising your kids in Abbotsford is great. Abbotsford is the largest municipality in Fraser Valley region of B.C and fifth largest city in B.C. Abbotsford is home to around 150,000 people with surrounded by largest farmland in Lower Mainland Fraser Valley region of B.C, Canada.
Abbotsford is 65km from the biggest metropolitan Vancouver in B.C and well connected via road, transit & Railroad (Westcoast express Mission). Abbotsford is becoming a business hub in Fraser Valley as there is an International Airport in the city. People from all over Canada are moving to Abbotsford B.C due to increasing business opportunities in the city. The employment rate is going up as large corporations are showing their interest in moving their plants to the city of Abbotsford.

Being so close to the biggest metropolitan and due to the international airport, the local economy of the city is booming. This year 2016 prices of real estate residential properties have risen more than 40% in Fraser Valley, Vancouver region of B.C. This economic boom is also felt in city of Abbotsford as there is rise in new construction result permits are on a rise in city of Abbotsford, due to this average permit issuing time increased to almost 5-7 months.

Abbotsford living is pretty comparable to living in an average city of Canada with few malls to shop around to a thousand of acres farmland with blueberries, strawberries and produce. The agriculture sector in Abbotsford is one of the biggest employers and accommodate close to 12,000 workers with average wage about $16/hour. Blueberry being the reliable cash crop has given birth to several agriculture-based industries from canneries to produce packaging plants employing hundreds of people from Abbotsford and surrounding towns. The greenhouse industry really had a big push in last decade and proven a positive impact on the economy of B.C. and Abbotsford city in B.C, is a perfect example with a hundred of greenhouses. This sector is also one of the biggest employers in the city of Abbotsford B.C.


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09 Jan 2017

Abbotsford is one of the best city to live in B.C


Abbotsford city in the country




Abbotsford is one of the fastest growing city in Canada in Fraser valley region of British Columbia about 50 km from Vancouver with approx 133,000 people as of 2011 census. Abbotsford city comprises majority of English population of 86,660 about 65% followed by Punjabi 24,660 about 18.71% and various other mixed ethnicities.


Abbotsford connects well with Vancouver via road and through railway from city of Mission 15 mins drive from Abbotsford. Rail called West coast express connects to Vancouver. About 62% people living here work here. Most of the remaining 38% commute to Mission, Chilliwack or Vancouver and its suburbs Surrey and Langley. More than 25% of Abbotsford’s workforce commutes to Abbotsford from other municipalities.

abbotsford best city in bc to live

Abbotsford has about 95 churches, 3 Sikh temples and a Hindu temple. Abbotsford has the oldest Gurudwara built in 1911 in north America and now it’s a national historic site aged over 100 years old.


Abbotsford is big on agriculture, surrounded by berry farms and one of the major employer here. Abbotsford supplies blueberry, strawberry and raspberry all over the world. There are few lumber mills, manufacturing accommodate large population for employment.

The city has international airport with easy check-ins, short lineups and affordable parking. There are flights going to all over Canada from Abbotsford international airport. The city has impressive sports facilities 4 huge ice rinks with phenomenal sports grounds with skateboard rinks.


There are 46 modern well equipped schools with high education standards with diverse educational programs. Good transportation facilities available for students. Abbotsford has a university offer many courses from bachelor to master’s degree programs and lot of trade programs. Ufv is one of the preferred university by international students.


Abbotsford has three major zones East Abbotsford, West Abbotsford and Central Abbotsford.

Central Abbotsford comprises mix type of accommodation with lot of condos and apartments with lot of single-family homes. There are churches, schools, Sevenoak mall and a beautiful Mill lake park with paved trail goes around two kilometers in the center of town.


The town is next to US border called Sumas-Huntingdon border. You can see mount baker which is 47 km from Abbotsford in US. Mt baker is an active volcano and a famous ski resort. People around the world visit Mt baker for skiing and other sports activities.


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