28 Jan 2017



Abbotsford booming city

Abbotsford is a booming city

Abbotsford is also known as “city in the country” as the name imply living and raising your kids in Abbotsford is great. Abbotsford is the largest municipality in Fraser Valley region of B.C and fifth largest city in B.C. Abbotsford is home to around 150,000 people with surrounded by largest farmland in Lower Mainland Fraser Valley region of B.C, Canada.
Abbotsford is 65km from the biggest metropolitan Vancouver in B.C and well connected via road, transit & Railroad (Westcoast express Mission). Abbotsford is becoming a business hub in Fraser Valley as there is an International Airport in the city. People from all over Canada are moving to Abbotsford B.C due to increasing business opportunities in the city. The employment rate is going up as large corporations are showing their interest in moving their plants to the city of Abbotsford.

Being so close to the biggest metropolitan and due to the international airport, the local economy of the city is booming. This year 2016 prices of real estate residential properties have risen more than 40% in Fraser Valley, Vancouver region of B.C. This economic boom is also felt in city of Abbotsford as there is rise in new construction result permits are on a rise in city of Abbotsford, due to this average permit issuing time increased to almost 5-7 months.

Abbotsford living is pretty comparable to living in an average city of Canada with few malls to shop around to a thousand of acres farmland with blueberries, strawberries and produce. The agriculture sector in Abbotsford is one of the biggest employers and accommodate close to 12,000 workers with average wage about $16/hour. Blueberry being the reliable cash crop has given birth to several agriculture-based industries from canneries to produce packaging plants employing hundreds of people from Abbotsford and surrounding towns. The greenhouse industry really had a big push in last decade and proven a positive impact on the economy of B.C. and Abbotsford city in B.C, is a perfect example with a hundred of greenhouses. This sector is also one of the biggest employers in the city of Abbotsford B.C.


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20 Dec 2016

abbotsford farms for sale


There are few places on Earth that are as intricate as Abbotsford, BC. Houses in the Abbotsford greater area bring inhabitants a city presence while living a country lifestyle. The British Columbia regions are touched by the sun and graced with natural beauty. Residents often live a more fulfilled, peaceful life and can enjoy everything that both the city and the country have to offer.

Historically, inhabitants were required to travel great distances to retrieve the supplies they needed for their country lifestyles. Unlike the past, Abbotsford offers visitors and residents alike an unforgettable journey that doesn’t require day long traveling routines. Most people enjoy the city’s commodities while basking in the countryside’s ambiance.

Houses in Abbotsford range in cost from the exceedingly expensive to the moderately priced. Each member of varying financial classes can find a unique home that presents many opportunities. At first sight, houses located in East Abbotsford might be ideal for those who plan to retire in the peaceful grip of luxury while houses for sale in Abbotsford West might be preferred by those who seek a more refined piece of the countryside.


home for sale in abbotsford

Fortunately, many homes are posted for sale directly by the owner. This can allow for a more personalized occasion when a prospective buyer wishes to learn some of the house’s history. However, in today’s age, real estate agents often have a larger amount of resources when finding a buyer an ideal home.

Abbotsford real estate listings are plentiful and offer unique preferences that would accommodate any personal need. Some potential buyers are in the market for a large, five bedroom house while smaller families might prefer a moderately sized house at a less expensive price. Either way, future residents needn’t worry because there is an abundance of houses for sale in Abbotsford.

A major question that many potential residents ask themselves is why they really want to purchase a house in Abbotsford, BC. As mentioned before, Abbotsford provides a countryside feel while not limiting an individual to nearby resources. Too often cities become over populated and even the outer regions lose their country feel. Abbotsford has retained its serene atmosphere over the years and it’s a perfect place to raise a family with its wholesome surroundings.

Because Abbotsford is the proverbial heaven on earth, houses tend to be somewhat expensive. But regardless of a person’s price range, there are professional realtors that will work diligently to find the absolute best fit.

A popular misconception is that a person can’t have the best of both worlds. In Abbotsford, an individual truly can have the best of both worlds. Who wouldn’t want to live a city life with a country slant and vice versa? Surely there is a house that will leave anybody breathless.


Pervinder Khangura