Do you own a property in Abbotsford district that you wish to put up on sale? Are you stuck with the long, complicated numeric calculations and are unable to determine an accurate and justified value for your property? Many sellers go through this problem.

Especially if you are a first-time seller, the process might just get on your nerves and you might as well start giving the whole selling idea a stop.


Final Estimation

Laying all essential factors in line, our real estate experts judge the gathered facts and figures over multiple parameters and set up a demanded price that is to be featured on the Multiple Listing Sites. We also keep you involved and informed during the process and guide you with the negotiation extents, as to what extent your profit margins can be stretched or shrunk. Most sellers fail to understand this in time and most realtors don’t guide them properly in this context either.

Comparative Analysis

The property aimed for sale is compared with the similar type and category of the property already featured on the local Multiple Listing Sites.  This ensures that the demanded value is just right and up to the market value trends. If the property is overpriced, it will continue to stay and decay on the MLS without attracting buyers, while in the case of underpricing, it is the owner who has to bear this loss.

Initial Data Collection

Property valuation initiates with a collection of the basic and core characteristic data of your property. This includes your home’s cost price, tax value implied, property loans or mortgage balance and the measure of it down factors and depreciations costs.

HomeZfinder’s price evaluation services are offered absolutely free. Fill and submit the HomeZfinder’s Market Evaluation Form or contact HomeZfinder at 6043001788 for the most accurate price estimation of your property.

Thinking of selling? Find out What’s your house worth in today’s market.

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