House Failed to Sell in Abbotsford?

Nothing could be more disappointing than putting up your home or property on sale and seeing it stay and decay on that ‘For Sale’ list forever without getting any interested leads or settling for the final selling deal.

With ample new real estate companies entering the market every day, the real estate, and specifically the Abbotsford BC Real Estate practices have been on the decline in terms of quality of service and professionalism and values and benefits for the clients. Because they see a golden opportunity of making instant money and bagging mounds of profit commissions, their vision, mission and values of service revolve around making money only and seldom the needs of their clients. No wonder that the words real estate is becoming a name that is synonymous with wasted resources in terms of time, money and property, by and large, on credit of the client. Because they keep themselves on the safer side, it’s not them but the client who has to bear the consequences of their low ranking standard operating procedures and work ethics. The result: Your property continues to rot on the list and no interested buying party shows up to close the deal. Why did your property fail to attract the buyer? This could be due to a variety of factors;

  • You landed for the wrong and incompetent realtor with no professional skills and expertise.
  • Your realtor is focused on expanding his client base and meanwhile failing big time, at delivering in terms of follow-ups and customer service.
  • Your real estate broker prioritizes his opinion over yours and eventually you both might fail to settle over on some mutually agreed grounds.
  • Your real estate agent is foreign and outsourced and despite his ambiguous claims, he possesses no knowledge about the real estate trend, business, pattern and legalities of your town or vicinity.

To ensure that you get your property sold on time with a promise of an uncompromised quality of service and maximum benefit and reward for your property, you should look for a realtor who is locally based, has a sound and credible client base, and executes his business processes prioritizing your value. Moreover, a locally based realtor has a firm trust and credibility established in the market this would successfully bring in more interested leads that might want to settle with a property sale deal with you.

For your real estate queries and work, contact HomeZfinder – the Real State Counselors ( LOCAL ABBOTSFORD REAL ESTATE AGENTS). We are locally based, we are enthusiastic, we have the market knowledge and above all … We Prioritize YOU.