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Are you planning to invest in Abbotsford, British Columbian real estate, or perhaps you’re thinking of putting up your property for sale? We are here to help you get something better out of it. We help you clarify, analyze and lay down your requirements before you mount that ‘for Sale’ sign post on your home or get your hands on ‘up for sale’ listings.

We, at HomeZfinder, assist and counsel you through not only finding your needs but also the best options for you to match your requirements and provide a reasonably better value for your money. This is what sets HomeZfinder apart from the conventional real estate practices in the Abbotsford real estate market, and the majority of the Abbotsford realtors are only concerned with getting the sale or purchase deal closed. Merely concerned with their own profits and commission, they neglect the customers’ needs and requirements, and with their smooth talking, would get you into signing a real estate agreement that might not necessarily be suitable for you. Moreover, people who rely on independent listings on their without consulting a reliable realtor may get trapped into the process of finding, agreement and deal process and the real estate laws and regulations.

Buyers: Evaluate your Personal or family needs, your budget and specific requirements as in location, structure, and type and also the market value and price variance

Sellers: Calculate the exact monetary value for our property on the condition and type of your property and also the market rates of the vicinity, favorable payment transaction options and your legal rights and indemnities as a seller.

Our real estate expert panel will assess your property needs and will provide you options for a profiting decision and value for your money or property. Moreover, we will get your property sale or purchase requirements listed on our website and social media handles to attract buyers and sellers meeting your requirements before they even publicize into the market.

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