07 Feb 2017



Hobby farms are small scale farming methods that people engage in but not with the sole purpose of growing the farm as a primary income source. There are lots of hobby farms in Abbotsford and mission. Some people grow hobby farms for additional income source or little business, some as recreational acts, and as country home pleasure activity.


In Abbotsford BC, hobby farming as a pastime is very common; most of the hobby farms have little or no economic contribution to the farm produce market because such farms are not grown as occupation. Many Abbotsford property buyers seek property with space for a hobby (pleasure) farming. Some property owners who do not fancy hobby farms hire out their hobby farm space to other who does not mind engaging in hobby farming. The good thing about hobby farms is that you can grow it in such a way that you will always have fresh fruits and farm produce for personal consumption and you can also make little sales from your harvest if wish to sell. Some hobby farmer donates part of their harvest to charity homes or shares with others as good tidings. Non-farmers in Abbotsford BC keep contacts of small scale and large scale hobby farmers for easy fresh farm produce purchase as a boost for their healthy diet. Large scale hobby farms grown to serve as a source of fresh fruit and farms produce to the people of Abbotsford BC are those that contribute little to the agriculture economics stat of Abbotsford. For the fact that people can get fresh fruit to buy, hobby farms are valued in Abbotsford. For the listing of exclusive hobby farms and place to get fresh fruit in volumes in Abbotsford, contact the farm agents in Abbotsford. You can also search out the regular hobby farms in Abbotsford on search engines.


Hobby farms in Mission BC follow the trend as that of Abbotsford. A Large proportion of hobby farmers in Mission BC sells off part of produce to cover farm operation cost. Income earning with hobby farms is a thing to encourage for food security and healthy lifestyle reasons.

The common hobby farms in Abbotsford and Mission are the garden vegetable, apple, strawberry, blueberry, plums plus other fruit farms, rabbits, poultry and bee farms. Some people get one acre or more goat, cow, sheep, pig and horse farming. Goat and cow milking hobby farmers’ use more land space of about 2.5acres for free greasing flocks or free-ranging orchard motions. Hobby farmers who do this type of farming as lifestyle derive great pleasure and satisfaction from the produce made such as meats, eggs and more. Part sales of some of the produce cover the cost livestock feeding and entire farm maintenance and running. Hobby farmers in Mission receive this accolade every time a non-farmer gets fresh produce to buy.  In Mission BC, retirees make it a lifestyle to own hobby farms, some do it to earn income at regular intervals.

In the US, as farms grow in size, older farms become less economically viable. Some are purchased and most of the land combined with larger nearby farms, however, the large farm has little use for the buildings. These can be sold off with only a building lot of real estate, but are much more saleable if a modest area, 5 to 15 acres (20,000 to 60,000 m²) is sold along with them. These are usually snapped up quickly by people with well-paying city jobs who wish to live in the country, or to retirees, who wish to be active as part-time farmers.

The good news is that you do not have to own your land space to be a hobby farmer; you can always find hobby farms in Abbotsford and Mission BC to hire or buy and sell off anytime you desire. All that you need to do is reach out to an experience farm agent in Abbotsford or Mission for listings of hobby farms for hire and sales.

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