22 Feb 2017



Are you thinking of owning a farm or farms in Abbotsford and Mission BC? Then you are having the right thought! Farms in Abbotsford and Mission “Strawberry, Blueberry” farms, in particular, are known for best quality berry produce in the whole of British Columbia. Owning strawberry or blueberry farm in Abbotsford and Mission is commercially lucrative and also profitable for family or private produce desire. If you are new to strawberry or blueberry farming and seek a region for quality produce to farm and fast market accesses to sell off produce, then site your farm at Abbotsford and Mission BC as this is what these regions are known for.

You can choose to have different types of strawberry farm in both Abbotsford and Mission BC, so as to have fresh quality strawberries all-round the season to sell and eat.  You can also visit Mission and Abbotsford strawberry farms anytime from May to October for fresh delicious big red strawberry if you do not own a farm there. At the farms in Abbotsford and Mission B. C., strawberry and blueberry is found in abundance. You will typically find the tastiest Puget Reliance type of strawberries around June and July period (also called June strawberry), Albion strawberries also called ever-bearing strawberries types are also very tasty with great flavor. Albion strawberries are usually out from May to October. It stays throughout the whole strawberry season while Puget Reliance strawberry type lingers for only a short time. Lots of Blueberry found in Abbotsford and Mission BC are out around June-till-September as well.

Few Facts about “Strawberry, Blueberry”

    Strawberry and Blueberry are found in abundance about the same period of the years- from June – September period.

    Abbotsford and Mission farms produce about one-quarter of strawberry and blueberry found in the whole of British Columbia.

    Strawberries and Blueberries are grown at summer in full sun period.

    Strawberries and Blueberries do not need excess fertilization, soil rich organic materials and compost is the best to grow quality berries.

    Both berries have the same pollination trend.

    Both berries change color when matured and ripe for harvest.

    You can protect your strawberry and blueberry from bird attacks using a garden net, make sure that the net is at least 6 to 8 inches away from the crop to allow for proper healthy growth.

Few Facts About Farms in Abbotsford and Mission

Farms in Abbotsford and Mission BC are cultivated for both commercial and private family consumption purposes. These two locations have so many farms including strawberry and blueberry farms cultivated and sold out during harvest season to berry traders. Many berry traders engage in different farm operation to ensure that they get quality fruit with a long shelf life to buy. Traders hunt for quality strawberry and blueberry farmer, trusted agents and produce to buy. When they find a farm with big quality fruits they purchase the whole farm and do the harvesting themselves or book to pay for all harvested fruit by the farmers at the slated market measures and values. Some berry traders go as far as hiring farms, to grow blue and strawberries themselves.

Contacting and consulting experienced Abbotsford and Mission farms agents for farm produce purchase, farm land hires, cultivated farm sales and purchase and lots of other farming operations will save you from resources wastage and lots of hunting headaches. With the agents, you can have access to useful information and access to exclusive farms listings with high-income returns. These kinds of information are never put out freely on the internet.

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