19 Jan 2017

What Makes a Farm Great?


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It is a common occurrence for city people to find an interest in farming. So, they begin their journey by stepping into the shoes of a farmer or at least marginally play that part. However, transitioning from a street smart individual to a buyer of farms needs a certain kind of beginner’s knowledge which is enough to tell what makes a land great for farming and what makes a land not-so-great for it. Abbotsford farms, for instance, are one of the most fertile lands in the world, which is why the city is known for its agricultural forwardness. To help novices out, we are listing down the set of factors which makes a land great for farming:

  • Labor Cost:

It is not just important for a farming land to be surrounded by tons of individuals looking for a job, but it is also important for these individuals to be well-versed in the art of farming and doing agriculture.  Take Abbotsford farms for instance. The city has a diversified economy where people are self-reliant, with most of this economy based on agricultural activities. This means that from young kids to old people, everyone in the city knows a thing or two about farming. With most of the populace doing the same, the labor cost is reasonable and the supply is endless.

  • Water:


This one needs no explanation. Farms and fields need water to survive and only a land with easy access to water and a proper irrigation system can thrive. The city of Abbotsford is fortunate enough to have tributaries of Fraser River, the longest river in British Columbia, flowing through it, making the city one of the most fertile agricultural lands in all of Canada.

  • Expediency:


Long gone are the days when agricultural and farming lands use to be miles and miles of fields stretching as far as the eyes could see. Now, a farm should be bought only when the roads and streets are completely developed and the urbanized centers are close to making commuting and transferring goods easy. As a matter of fact, there should also be an airport and shipping facilities available. One of the reasons that Abbotsford farms are so prosperous is because the city is completely developed, with good infrastructure and facilities available and within reach of residents.

  • The Size of the Land:


Don’t make the mistake of forgetting this tiny yet very important detail; the size of the land. Make sure the real estate realtor you are working with is 100% honest about this. Don’t make your bid before you know what is on the line and what you are getting for your money.

  • Other Precautions:


Here are some quick tips to remember when buying farming land:

  • Inspect the drainage system
  • Ensure that the farming land is not rocky and uneven


Pervinder Khangura @ homezfinder