25 Jan 2017




Abbotsford know is ” City in the Country” is so genuine in light of the fact that Abbotsford is honored with rich prolific soil. There are thousand of sections of land Blueberry ranches encompassing Abbotsford. Strawberry and Raspberry is likewise enormous trade edit out this some portion of BC. The climate year around is appropriate for all sort of products. The climate drift around 7°C to 29ºC. This a portion of Canada is the most wonderful place to live.


How is Blueberry cultivated?

Blueberry was a wild fruit but in this century scientist has developed a modern way of cultivating Blueberries. Blueberry is not suitable for all kind of soils. it’s very picky about the type of soil. It needs acidic soil with high PH level with a good drain yet wet soil. Abbotsford farms are rich in regards to the soil needed to grow blueberries. It is planted in early spring with a year or older plants with digging soil about 20 inches deep. Bark mulch is spread around them to keep the roots moist. Are you looking to buy a Blueberry farm in Abbotsford area Click on the link to get the listings of Farms in Abbotsford Fraser valley area?



Looking for a farm in Abbotsford?

Interested in finding a farm in Abbotsford BC, Click that link to find all the currently available Farms in this area of Abbotsford.

What’s kind of farms are available in Abbotsford?

The farms in Abbotsford comes in 5 acres to 100 of acres farms. We specialize in Blueberry, Strawberry and all kind of farms. We will arrange a tour of the farm help you to get the soil testing done if needed and walk through the whole process from presenting your offer to closing the deal.


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