26 Jan 2017

New homes for sale in  Abbotsford Real Estate market And Real Estate Agents In Abbotsford, B.C.


new homes abbotsford


New homes Abbotsford:-

Real estate agents abound in Abbotsford for the sale of new homes as more and more visitors elect to buy in this beautiful region. If you have to sell for some reason, competent real estate agents know how to list your home in Abbotsford to bring it to the attention of eager buyers and show it off to its best advantage.


The sale of new homes by licensed real estate agents in Abbotsford has reached a fever pitch as more and more Canadians and often transplanted citizens from south of the border discover and claim “Abby” for their own home base. While Caucasians make up most of the population, Abby has become a welcome home to many different nationalities, giving an ethnic variety not only in the peoples of Abbotsford but to the cuisine one may find in Abbotsford’s many restaurants.


With its population of just under 200,000 residents, Abbotsford is big enough to encompass all the needs of today’s residents while still retaining much of the flavor and friendly atmosphere of a small town. A recent newspaper article points out that the current real estate market “Abby” is smoking hot with more and more potential buyers discovering this jewel tucked in close to the US border. This city called by Statistics Canada, the more generous Canadian city over the past decade.


The Abbotsford International Airport is now open with the latest easiest check-ins ever to fly you to destinations such as non-stop flights to Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto.


The mild temperatures in Abbotsford are considered quite mild throughout most of the year. Even the traditionally coldest months such as February boast temperatures something like highs of 48 (9C) during the day and nights hovering around 34 (1C) Getting a little chilly anyway? Fly to Puerto Vallarta Mexico or if you get an itch to savor the sights and (slot-machine) sounds of Las Vegas, they can get you there quickly and easily. Connecting flights may be had to just about any destination you might choose, be it New York, Sacramento, Boston, Chicago or Miami and almost any other Canadian or US city.


But that’s not all. Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic along with a host of other delightful cities and islands are within easy reach from the Abbotsford International Airport, a truly international point of departure.


So if you’re considering a move at this time, come visit Abbotsford and look at few new homes Abbotsford. Talk to some of your helpful and experienced Abbotsford real estate agents. They can discuss your needs that can lead you to the purchase of your new home in the Abbotsford real estate market. Be it a new home, or a well-maintained home that is waiting for a loving family to step in, your Abbotsford real estate agent will be more than eager to help you find just the right property to suit your needs, your desires and your pocketbook.




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25 Jan 2017




Abbotsford know is ” City in the Country” is so genuine in light of the fact that Abbotsford is honored with rich prolific soil. There are thousand of sections of land Blueberry ranches encompassing Abbotsford. Strawberry and Raspberry is likewise enormous trade edit out this some portion of BC. The climate year around is appropriate for all sort of products. The climate drift around 7°C to 29ºC. This a portion of Canada is the most wonderful place to live.


How is Blueberry cultivated?

Blueberry was a wild fruit but in this century scientist has developed a modern way of cultivating Blueberries. Blueberry is not suitable for all kind of soils. it’s very picky about the type of soil. It needs acidic soil with high PH level with a good drain yet wet soil. Abbotsford farms are rich in regards to the soil needed to grow blueberries. It is planted in early spring with a year or older plants with digging soil about 20 inches deep. Bark mulch is spread around them to keep the roots moist. Are you looking to buy a Blueberry farm in Abbotsford area Click on the link to get the listings of Farms in Abbotsford Fraser valley area?



Looking for a farm in Abbotsford?

Interested in finding a farm in Abbotsford BC, Click that link to find all the currently available Farms in this area of Abbotsford.

What’s kind of farms are available in Abbotsford?

The farms in Abbotsford comes in 5 acres to 100 of acres farms. We specialize in Blueberry, Strawberry and all kind of farms. We will arrange a tour of the farm help you to get the soil testing done if needed and walk through the whole process from presenting your offer to closing the deal.


Are you interested in buying a farm in Abbotsford BC. Visit my site to get the latest farm listings in Abbotsford.

25 Jan 2017

5Intrinsic Worth of Apartments That Makes Living in Them Exceptionally Remarkable

Langley apartments for sale, Mission apartments for sale


For many reasons, condos and houses are considered to be a good option for living in. However, in no way can they be claimed to be better when compared with apartments. If you ever happen to look for Langley apartments for sale, you’ll discover that they have their own intrinsic worth and in some ways, offer benefits that not even the most expensive and valuable houses do. The same can be said about Mission apartments for sale. If these statements have gotten you curious, allow us to enlighten you as to how living in apartments is exceptionally astounding and awesome:

  • Low Maintenance Cost:

The smaller an apartment is, the lower its maintenance cost there will be. In case you are renting an apartment, you won’t even have to deal with the maintenance cost yourself as the property manager will be responsible for such tasks. Then, there is the fact that apartments do not have yards, gardens, driveway, garages, private pools and guesthouses to deal with; hence, no extra costs of maintaining them.

  • Better Security:

Not every homeowner can afford guards and security for providing protection but in apartments, there is naturally a semblance of safety and security with so many points of entrance and several layers of entry. Reaching an apartment is a challenge for a thief. Then, there’s that fact that the next house is in close proximity and the probability that someone is out there, making thieves think twice with so many witnesses present.

  • Entertainment facilities:

A house usually never has an entertainment facility unless it is added by the owners themselves, an area where residents of apartments luck out in. Many high-end Langley apartments for sale come with their own gymnasium, jogging tracks, laundry rooms, parking lots, swimming pool and clubhouse, allowing  residents to have access to it all by paying a small fee.

What’s even better is that these amenities can facilitate all members of the house, including elders and kids. There are special dedicated areas for every age group keeping safety measures in mind.

  • Camera Coverage:

A CCTV setup is rather costly and a luxury not every homeowner can afford. However, if you plan to live in an apartment, you should know that most of them are already fitted with security cameras. Some apartments have such a wide coverage that they can see what is happening and who is entering in almost every corner of the apartment complex. It helps in raising an alarm and catching culprits in case of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Accessibility:

More often than not, houses are located in quite corners and away from city centers. On the other hand, apartments are located closer to them, making it possible to access any shop within minutes.


That said, we can safely come to the conclusion that each type of lodging facility comes with its own set of virtues. Thus, by no means is an apartment any less of a better option than a house.


Looking for Langley apartments for sale, Mission apartments for sale — Pervinder Khangura 604-300-1788 @ homezfinder


24 Jan 2017

How to Keep Your Fears of Real Estate Buying From Ruining Your Future Plans


langley townhouse

The decision of buying a house is right there among all the other major decisions we have to make in life. Sometimes, the enormity and seriousness of the decision is so much that we often end up turning away from it. Unfortunately, these fears of buying a house and indecisiveness can lead to great regret in the future. Real estate markets go up and down frequently and you’d want to take full advantage of the opportunity when real estate Langley, real estate in Mission and real estate in Abbotsford is all but prospering.

Thus, like all the other fears, this one too requires embracing it. Here’s how you can come to terms with yours:


  • The Cost:


Financial troubles are everyone’s worst nightmare. The fear that they wouldn’t be able to accommodate their family or afford a house better and bigger than the current one will make them lose all hope. But that is not always the case. If you are looking for Real estate Langley, there’s a high chance that the market rates there will only serve to encourage you and drive you to test out other places in British Columbia too such as condos for sale in Mission or Langley townhouses.


  • A Drop in Property Values:


Granted real estate markets fluctuate frequently and people fear that the price of the house they just bought might take a nose dive, something like that can be predicted if decisions are made smartly. For instance, if you have taken notice of the appearance of the house and how modern-looking and well-constructed it is, no other house in the neighborhood will be able to compete with it in terms of its value. Similarly, a place where the economy is prospering and the weather is pleasant throughout the year will never face a situation where the real estate market becomes stagnant.


  • Irrational Stress:


It is okay to feel a little cautious and wary when buying a new house as this be the difference between you owning a splendid house by the end of your experience or making a regrettable decision.


  • Misplaced Stress:

real estate langley






Fear, when unleashed, can go wildly astray which is why it is important to keep a lid on it. Buyers usually start fearing everything when they begin their house hunting experience; the neighborhood looks shady or the neighbors are rude, commute problems begin to take surface and even the public schools appear below par. The best way to put your fears to rest is by researching. For instance, you can even knock on a few doors to see how the neighbors really are.


  • Cost of High Maintenance:


The only way a house can end up requiring high maintenance is if you have been sloppy during your house hunting process. So, learn everything about a house before buying it; check each and every corner before making the final decision. Real estate agents might also help in this regard.

The first step towards success and bringing about a change in lifestyle is indicated by moving into a better house. Even changes in martial statutes and welcoming new members into the family have to be followed by alterations in dwellings. So, you need to put your fears aside and start thinking of a bright future.


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20 Jan 2017

5 Super Tips That Will Make You an Expert in Hobby Farming



There are people who just feel this connection with plants, farming, and animals. Try as they might, they can never let go of this love. Sure they get busy with life and making careers but the passion remains. A person can only suppress it for so long as sooner or later, it surfaces. In cases of people with a green thumb, it results in a hobby farm.

One of the most sought-out places for hobby farming is Abbotsford since it contains the charm of the city and all the mesmerizing beauty of a farming land. That being said, even if the grower is working on a hobby farm in Abbotsford, they’ll need certain tips to start on the right note. Here are some of the super tips for people looking for a hobby farm in Abbotsford so that they can make the most of this opportunity.

What is Hobby Farming Anyway?

As the term quite obviously dictates, when amateur farmers give in to their interests and take up farming for real, it is called hobby farming. Hobby farming is not done for profit or money; it is only for happiness and joy. Here’s what the farming hobbyists should know:

  • Always Start Small:

“Even the Mighty oak starts as a small acorn”

It would be a mistake to suddenly go from nothing to a handful of things to take care of. Always start small. In fact, try to start from your home. Grow plants and flowers of various kinds as well as vegetables and fruits in small pots and start by caring for one goat or rooster and then moving on to a larger quantity of both. It would be a grave mistake to suddenly be in possession of 5 horses, a family of roosters and a herd of cows. Not only will it give you many sleepless nights, but a lack of proper care can even result in the loss of many crops and animals.  

  • Never Let the Rooster Get the Better of You:

One of the most fun and hilarious things to watch is to see someone try to get roosters and chickens inside their coops by running after them. The only creatures that will be enjoying it more than you are those chickens themselves. They sure like to enjoy when us humans make a fool out of ourselves! All these chickens need is food and water on time and as far as the cop chase is concerned, just open their cages at the same time each night and watch how they’ll line up to enter their humble abode – no trailing necessary.

  • Always Listen to What the Olds Have to Say:

When old farmers tell you something, make sure to drop everything and listen carefully. These farmers speak from experience and they have been around for some time, even when all the high-tech farming techniques had not been created yet. They know every trick in the book and they can grow excellent crops, even with their eyes closed. Their advice and opinions are valuable.

Once you have learned all there is to know about farming, only then can you go on to buy your first hobby farm Abbotsford and enjoy your life doing what you love most.

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19 Jan 2017

What Makes a Farm Great?


hobby farms



It is a common occurrence for city people to find an interest in farming. So, they begin their journey by stepping into the shoes of a farmer or at least marginally play that part. However, transitioning from a street smart individual to a buyer of farms needs a certain kind of beginner’s knowledge which is enough to tell what makes a land great for farming and what makes a land not-so-great for it. Abbotsford farms, for instance, are one of the most fertile lands in the world, which is why the city is known for its agricultural forwardness. To help novices out, we are listing down the set of factors which makes a land great for farming:

  • Labor Cost:

It is not just important for a farming land to be surrounded by tons of individuals looking for a job, but it is also important for these individuals to be well-versed in the art of farming and doing agriculture.  Take Abbotsford farms for instance. The city has a diversified economy where people are self-reliant, with most of this economy based on agricultural activities. This means that from young kids to old people, everyone in the city knows a thing or two about farming. With most of the populace doing the same, the labor cost is reasonable and the supply is endless.

  • Water:


This one needs no explanation. Farms and fields need water to survive and only a land with easy access to water and a proper irrigation system can thrive. The city of Abbotsford is fortunate enough to have tributaries of Fraser River, the longest river in British Columbia, flowing through it, making the city one of the most fertile agricultural lands in all of Canada.

  • Expediency:


Long gone are the days when agricultural and farming lands use to be miles and miles of fields stretching as far as the eyes could see. Now, a farm should be bought only when the roads and streets are completely developed and the urbanized centers are close to making commuting and transferring goods easy. As a matter of fact, there should also be an airport and shipping facilities available. One of the reasons that Abbotsford farms are so prosperous is because the city is completely developed, with good infrastructure and facilities available and within reach of residents.

  • The Size of the Land:


Don’t make the mistake of forgetting this tiny yet very important detail; the size of the land. Make sure the real estate realtor you are working with is 100% honest about this. Don’t make your bid before you know what is on the line and what you are getting for your money.

  • Other Precautions:


Here are some quick tips to remember when buying farming land:

  • Inspect the drainage system
  • Ensure that the farming land is not rocky and uneven


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18 Jan 2017

5 Things That Prove Acreage Homes Can Be the Best Thing That Ever Happens To You



acreage for sale with blueberry planted is good income for you



Families who live in an acreage home hold it dear to their heart whereas others have a difficult time to see the charm in it. We think it’s debatable and our opinion definitely leans towards the former. There are a certain charm and serenity to living in an acreage house and as difficult as it might be to put it into words, we’ll try nonetheless.  To others, the house may seem like something secluded from the populace but to the inhabitants, it is their own private dwelling uninterrupted by the noise of vehicles and other unpleasant rackets of the city life.Let’s discover what it is about an acreage home that makes it so special:

  • Uplifting Scenery:


A person can never spend a depressing life when he/she lives so close to nature and in the midst of its beauty. Living in an acreage home allows you to wake up every morning and be greeted by smells of flowers, farm-fresh fruits, and freshly-laid eggs at the breakfast table. It allows the residents to live a simple life with a luxury that even the richest crave. And then, there is this lasting health and great diet that comes with living in such surroundings. Fresh air alone is enough to cure some wild diseases.

  • Best Childhood:


Children who grow up in an acreage home are sure to be introduced to the agricultural life and farming facilities from a very young age. This kind of upbringing makes children physically strong, hard working and more humble to nature’s creations. These children learn to be kinder and more caring towards the animals. Then, there are all these vast acres of land that allow kids to live their carefree days running wild without their parents having to worry about cars and strangers.

  • Opportunity to Spread Out;


When you own acres and acres of land, you can expand your house anytime you want. There are opportunities to build a stable, garage, shed, another house or grow crops on a small patch and raise livestock on another. The opportunities are needless and homeowners can use the space to their own liking.

  • Very Own Natural Pool Resort:


Some acreage homes are in very close proximity to lakes and ponds, practically in their backyard, something which no five-star resort can match. In case there is no lake, the owners can have one built. And the best part is that it will be their own. Acreage homeowners won’t need to travel across the world, to world-class resorts, in particular, to enjoy a nice evening by the poolside.

  • Privacy:


Perhaps the best part of living in an acreage home is all the privacy that comes with it. No one likes nosy neighbors and nagging strangers; just peace and quiet for as far as eyes can see.Hence proved with a doubt, an acreage home can quite honestly be the best thing that can ever happen to anyone.


17 Jan 2017

Foolproof Ideas to Make Your Condo a Snug and Comfy Abode

langley real estate market

Modern, metallic, sleek and shiny-looking houses may seem very pleasing to the eye, but they hardly have any poignant and touching aspect to it. Don’t get us wrong; we are all about clean living spaces and fresh rooms, but what we are referring to here is that touch of lively aura, that welcoming and warm ambiance and that snug and cozy feeling you get the second you step inside the foyer of your house. If you have happened to find Langley condos for sale or are interested in the Langley real estate market for buying a home for yourself and your family, here is how you can make it comfortable:


  • Create an Amalgamation of Materials:


A single themed house appears very dull yet too much of a mix and match looks unsystematic and disorganized. A thoughtful amalgamation is what adds a comfort factor to the house. An interplay of colors, rugs, carpets and cozy large sofas with snug corners in the condo will make any place look warm and welcoming.


  • Don’t Shy Away from Nature:


A touch of nature in the house can never go wrong. As a matter of fact, the more green you add as well as a small water fountain to the mix, the more comfortable and restful the houses will appear. Even adding aquariums and having pets in the house will add a homely vibe.


  • Drops of Vintage:


Vintage never goes out of style. The timeless beauty of classic designs, elegant accessories, and vintage charms all make a home more enjoyable to live in. There are furniture pieces too that are built in pure vintage designs and can instantly add a rustic charm to your rooms. Also, nothing says personal like vintage touches. It makes the choice and preference of the homeowner known to everyone who steps inside.


  • Family Pictures:


Who doesn’t love their family? Whether they are there with you or not, adding their picture around the house will help create a familial environment and show other how much you love them. A place where your family photos are placed instantly becomes a comfortable abode. Photos, floating frames, and other creatively-hanged photos also do a wonderful job of decorating a place.


  • Adding Lights:


A dark place feels depressive and dispiriting, and that is the last thing you would want in your house.  First off, make sure that all the Langley condos for sale you are looking at have large windows that allow direct sunlight in. You can then figure out the extent to which you want the sunlight to come in by using curtains. Lamps also help in creating intimate settings. For instance, your reading corner will definitely light up – pun intended – with a cute looking lamp.


  • Surround the Place with Things You Love:


Our homes are our sanctuaries and it is the one place where we can freely surround ourselves with the things we love. Book lovers can add unique bookshelves in every part of the house, and artistic people can surround themselves with paintings, colorful creations, and whatnot.

So, now that you know how the booming Langley real estate market can be looked at to work in your favor and let you have one of the coziest and snug house, you better start looking now to get the best offer.

16 Jan 2017

The Impressive Qualities Of Mission Homes

Mission new homes for sale

Mission Homes are known for wonderful architectural designs and state-of-the-art facilities. Here are some of the great reasons you should own one of the Mission Homes for sale.

Exterior features of Mission Homes

They are built with stone and brick exterior and this gives a magnificent look from a distance. The front door is made of either brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze hinges and knobs. The front yard is fully landscaped with a sprinkler system for ease of gardening. They also offer either exposed aggregate or cedar deck patio for each of the plans.

Some of the interior features

According to the plan on ground, each apartment will have a ceiling as high as about 10 feet and each room will be very spacious. The floor plan says it all. For convenient laundry, there is a provision for a laundry room with cabinetry and utility sink.

Each apartment will have upstairs theater rooms with vaulted dropped or coved ceiling. There will also be a couple of white panel doors. The stairs are made of stained oak rail and ball top. To keep the apartment warm, occupants can make use of the gas fireplace billed to be installed. It will be made of either stone surround or tiles.

A white pedestal sink, oiled bronze fixtures, and hardwood floor will be provided in the powder room of every apartment. To promote energy efficiency, a forced air gas furnace will be provided for future A/C. In addition to that, there will be a natural gas hot water heater. The plumbing for central vacuum will be provided.

The kitchen will be constructed with either slab or granite countertops and tile backsplash. Necessary kitchen appliances like cooktop oven, garbage disposal, dishwasher and microwave will be provided. There will also be either a single bowl or a double bowl sink with a swivel head. Since brushed nickel and oiled bronze fixtures are the standards, the kitchen will also have either oiled bronze or brushed nickel plumbing fixtures.

Each master bedroom is billed to have tile shower with a glass shower enclosure, tub surround, tile floors and tile countertops. It also offers a white soaking tub and as a standard, the plumbing fixtures are made of either brushed nickel or oiled bronze. According to the contemporary standard, the master bedroom also has a large closet with shelves and rods.

There are facilities in every Mission Home to maximize efficiency and also minimize environmental impact and cost. One of them is the low flush toilet that comes with low water faucets. It enhances water efficiency. To guarantee great air quality all the time, the interior has been painted with organic paints that have little or no chemical additives.

The features are based on the standard construction of Mission Homes. It can only get better as housing technologies keep improving. So, what are you waiting for? Why not make a move to purchase your dream home now?

14 Jan 2017

Things To Consider Before Buying A House In Abbotsford

first time home buyer in abbotsford bc

If you’re in the Abbotsford market for a house, you will want to ensure that it has a solid foundation, a good roof that won’t leak and proper wiring. Some inspections that are conducted before the house is purchased may not cover the less obvious factors which may end up having the largest impact on the day-to-day experience in the house. Here are a few of the tips you can consider when house hunting;


Abbotsford home room style

– Size of the rooms


If you find a home on the MLS listings, examine the rooms to be certain that it is the size you prefer. If its fits your lifestyle and needs, it will be a good option.


– Indoor-outdoor flow


When you can move from outdoor to indoor living areas with ease, it can make a huge difference in your daily movements around the house. If this is crucial for you, look out for accordion glass doors or sliding doors in the MLS Abbotsford townhouse you decided to pick.

Abbotsford home interior layout

– Interior layout


The interior plan or floor layout can also have an impact on your daily life. When searching for MLS Abbotsford East homes, check if there are sharp corners or narrow passages, it may not be easy to navigate through the house.

Abbotsford home window

– Window size and replacement


Even though windows are easy to replace, they might be quite costly to modify. Ideally, search for an MLS Abbotsford West home with well-placed windows.

Abbotsford home natural light

– Lighting


This factor is crucial and is also overlooked during inspections. Always visit an open house during the midday so you can see how well the house absorbs natural light. It will give you a much better picture of what it is like in the house.


– Weather considerations


Is it a cold region? You may want to ensure the house has an attached garage and a driveway that will be easy to shovel. If it is a warm climate, shaded walkways, and cooling trees can be considered.

Abbotsford house orientation

– House orientation


When searching for an MLS Abbotsford acreage, check the orientation of the house since the way it is positioned affects how much light it can get and also influences cooling and heating as well. Preferably, a north-facing house will be best as the house will be bright and cooler in hot climates.

Abbotsford home driveway

– Driveway size


This may seem unnecessary, but when you move into a house, you may realize that the car doesn’t fit into the narrow driveway. If you have the time and resources, you may opt to shovel more space for your driveway.

abbotsford house staircase

– Staircase steepness


Staircases rarely come into consideration when picking a home, but if you believe that you may have an elderly person around the house, a steep staircase is recommended.

abbotsford home furnace

– Heating and cooling systems


It may not be an issue in temperate climates, but for those who live in places that can be both hot and cold need to have a proper heating or cooling system.
To search for homes in Abbotsford, use the MLS Abbotsford map and go through a list of open homes in the environs.