12 Jan 2017

Abbotsford Farms: House & Acreage & Hobby Farms

abbotsford blueberry farms

When people are looking to live in a gorgeous area surrounded by mountains and also where there are plenty of blueberry farms, large farms of other sorts, rural residential properties, and even several horse/equestrian properties, then people think of Abbotsford.


Truly it is a wonderful place to live. Many people do think of Vancouver, but it is so densely populated, so it is refreshing to get away from the overload of all the hustle and bustle that exists in Vancouver on a daily basis. That is why many people choose to own blueberry farms, bare farmland, and various other types of commercial farms with or without homes on the property in the Abbotsford area.

abbotsford barns

Abbotsford is so peaceful and serene. To see, the beautiful countryside, a person can even hire someone to give them a guided tour of the area if they happen to be visiting the area. It is interesting to take a local farm tour of the various farms and other agricultural businesses in the area.


It is so good to see that Abbotsford has such fertile land and that it produces wonderful strawberries, amazing corn, and bountiful blueberries, along with many other types of vegetables. There are fields and fields as far as your eyes can behold. And the effect is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful with the backdrop of the splendid mountains against a pristine blue sky. Therefore it is no wonder that people seek their own house and acreage properties in the Abbotsford area.


Blueberry Junction is a booming blueberry farm that has been in the family for many generations. The family who owns it appreciates being able to carry on the blueberry farming heritage. Though Blueberry Junction does not make any claims to be completely organic, it is proud to do its best to limit the amount of pesticides that are used.

Abbotsford bare land farm

If you would like to visit Gelderman Farms Ltd., there you will find some friendly folks who are happy to welcome you to the site. They are the proud sellers of pork that is not treated with antibiotics, sweet and luscious blueberries and compost.


Usually one thinks of a dairy as home to many cows. But Goat’s Pride Dairy is a nice surprise in the Abbotsford area and offers tasty goat’s milk, goat yogurt, and goat cheese which are utterly tasty and truly delightful. Also, you can embark on the adventure of trying some different types of water buffalo cheese.

abbotsford blueberry producing farm

These are not the only commercial farms open to the public. There are several others as well. Abbotsford offers a down home feel and makes everyone feel welcome. It is no wonder when you are touring Abbotsford that you get a desire to pack your belongings and move to this area to start your own hobby farm.


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