20 Jan 2017

5 Super Tips That Will Make You an Expert in Hobby Farming



There are people who just feel this connection with plants, farming, and animals. Try as they might, they can never let go of this love. Sure they get busy with life and making careers but the passion remains. A person can only suppress it for so long as sooner or later, it surfaces. In cases of people with a green thumb, it results in a hobby farm.

One of the most sought-out places for hobby farming is Abbotsford since it contains the charm of the city and all the mesmerizing beauty of a farming land. That being said, even if the grower is working on a hobby farm in Abbotsford, they’ll need certain tips to start on the right note. Here are some of the super tips for people looking for a hobby farm in Abbotsford so that they can make the most of this opportunity.

What is Hobby Farming Anyway?

As the term quite obviously dictates, when amateur farmers give in to their interests and take up farming for real, it is called hobby farming. Hobby farming is not done for profit or money; it is only for happiness and joy. Here’s what the farming hobbyists should know:

  • Always Start Small:

“Even the Mighty oak starts as a small acorn”

It would be a mistake to suddenly go from nothing to a handful of things to take care of. Always start small. In fact, try to start from your home. Grow plants and flowers of various kinds as well as vegetables and fruits in small pots and start by caring for one goat or rooster and then moving on to a larger quantity of both. It would be a grave mistake to suddenly be in possession of 5 horses, a family of roosters and a herd of cows. Not only will it give you many sleepless nights, but a lack of proper care can even result in the loss of many crops and animals.  

  • Never Let the Rooster Get the Better of You:

One of the most fun and hilarious things to watch is to see someone try to get roosters and chickens inside their coops by running after them. The only creatures that will be enjoying it more than you are those chickens themselves. They sure like to enjoy when us humans make a fool out of ourselves! All these chickens need is food and water on time and as far as the cop chase is concerned, just open their cages at the same time each night and watch how they’ll line up to enter their humble abode – no trailing necessary.

  • Always Listen to What the Olds Have to Say:

When old farmers tell you something, make sure to drop everything and listen carefully. These farmers speak from experience and they have been around for some time, even when all the high-tech farming techniques had not been created yet. They know every trick in the book and they can grow excellent crops, even with their eyes closed. Their advice and opinions are valuable.

Once you have learned all there is to know about farming, only then can you go on to buy your first hobby farm Abbotsford and enjoy your life doing what you love most.

Pervinder Khangura @ homezfinder