14 Jan 2017

Things To Consider Before Buying A House In Abbotsford

first time home buyer in abbotsford bc

If you’re in the Abbotsford market for a house, you will want to ensure that it has a solid foundation, a good roof that won’t leak and proper wiring. Some inspections that are conducted before the house is purchased may not cover the less obvious factors which may end up having the largest impact on the day-to-day experience in the house. Here are a few of the tips you can consider when house hunting;


Abbotsford home room style

– Size of the rooms


If you find a home on the MLS listings, examine the rooms to be certain that it is the size you prefer. If its fits your lifestyle and needs, it will be a good option.


– Indoor-outdoor flow


When you can move from outdoor to indoor living areas with ease, it can make a huge difference in your daily movements around the house. If this is crucial for you, look out for accordion glass doors or sliding doors in the MLS Abbotsford townhouse you decided to pick.

Abbotsford home interior layout

– Interior layout


The interior plan or floor layout can also have an impact on your daily life. When searching for MLS Abbotsford East homes, check if there are sharp corners or narrow passages, it may not be easy to navigate through the house.

Abbotsford home window

– Window size and replacement


Even though windows are easy to replace, they might be quite costly to modify. Ideally, search for an MLS Abbotsford West home with well-placed windows.

Abbotsford home natural light

– Lighting


This factor is crucial and is also overlooked during inspections. Always visit an open house during the midday so you can see how well the house absorbs natural light. It will give you a much better picture of what it is like in the house.


– Weather considerations


Is it a cold region? You may want to ensure the house has an attached garage and a driveway that will be easy to shovel. If it is a warm climate, shaded walkways, and cooling trees can be considered.

Abbotsford house orientation

– House orientation


When searching for an MLS Abbotsford acreage, check the orientation of the house since the way it is positioned affects how much light it can get and also influences cooling and heating as well. Preferably, a north-facing house will be best as the house will be bright and cooler in hot climates.

Abbotsford home driveway

– Driveway size


This may seem unnecessary, but when you move into a house, you may realize that the car doesn’t fit into the narrow driveway. If you have the time and resources, you may opt to shovel more space for your driveway.

abbotsford house staircase

– Staircase steepness


Staircases rarely come into consideration when picking a home, but if you believe that you may have an elderly person around the house, a steep staircase is recommended.

abbotsford home furnace

– Heating and cooling systems


It may not be an issue in temperate climates, but for those who live in places that can be both hot and cold need to have a proper heating or cooling system.
To search for homes in Abbotsford, use the MLS Abbotsford map and go through a list of open homes in the environs.